Q-Pet is a fun, student-friendly education platform for teaching software programming skills. Q-Pet is designed especially for young learners and incudes software, hardware, and curriculum.
- The Q-PET software has a simple, graphical interface so beginners are not intimidated to learn. The software can be run on computers, or various touch-based devices like smart phones and tablets.
- The Q-Pet hardware has LED lights, buzzers, buttons, motors and more. The student-friendly hardware can be used for fun projects in all classes.
- The Q-Pet platform also includes a curriculum, for elementary grade levels and with connections to all subjects.

   Students can incorporate the Q-Pet system into all elementary level classes using cross-curriculum projects that are included at the end of every chapter. For example, Q-Pet can be incorporated into a science class project to sound an alarm and open a panel when a light level goes too low, or in art class to make clothes with LEDs that turn on in the dark, or even for a history class project to add lights and motion to any model. Learning is much more effective when students use their programming in projects, instead of just playing games on a computer screen.
    With our Korean-made, student-friendly, Q-Pet programming education platform, students will not only be able to learn programming more easily, but also develop creativity and logical thinking skills needed for success in the modern world.