Q-pet Board

Q-pet Block Software


The Q-Pet hardware has LED lights, buzzers, buttons, motors and more. Young students get excited when things are moving or blinking or making sounds, so that’s why the Q-Pet platform includes not just software, but also student-friendly hardware which can be used for fun projects in all classes. This way, students can learn by cooperating together on projects instead of just looking at a computer screen.

The Q-PET software has a simple, graphical interface so beginners are not intimidated to learn. Existing programming education is primarily text based, using languages such as C++ or Java, but text-based languages are especially difficult for young learners. The Q-Pet software uses a simple, graphical interface implemented on various touch-based devices like smart phones and tablets.

The Q-Pet platform also includes a curriculum, for elementary grade levels and with connections to all subjects. Learning is much more effective when students use their programming skills in projects across all classes.
Q-Pet curriculum advantages include:
- Over 100 practice programs.
- Instruction matches h/w and s/w.
- Accelerated, challenging projects.
- Cooperative, group-based projects.